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This means that it is essentially biologically impossible for [them] to distrust.As Isabelle got older, the negative side of her trusting nature began to play a larger role.We started our search for contact information on the Customer Service and Contact Us pages, but there is no openly available information aside from a contact form.

Don’t you wish you could just go one day without that happening?

But apparently I was unconsciously projecting some kind of “I don’t like strong emotions, you’d better avoid those” field, and my patients were unconsciously complying.

I wish I could say my supervisor’s guidance fixed the problem and I learned to encourage emotional openness just as well as my colleague.

But any improvement I made was incremental at best.

My colleague is a bubbly extravert who gets very excited about everything; I worry that to match her results, I would have to somehow copy her entire personality. I found myself doing well with overly emotional patients, the sort who had too many dramatic meltdowns to do therapy with anybody else.

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