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5 things you should know before dating a journalist

And for more insider royal-wedding coverage, here are 10 Things We Already Know About Harry and Meghan’s Big Day. Royal protocol dictates the wedding gowns of royal brides be modest—so down-to-there necklines, backless designs, or thigh-high slits would definitely not sit well with the Queen.

Meghan might have worn some pretty revealing dresses in her previous life on the red carpet (as pictured above), but on the day she becomes a royal wife, she’ll be covered up.

Not because I’m ashamed of it…maybe it’s more of my weariness of the cliches and attempts at making me feel ashamed for my convictions. (Grabs arms of his seat on either side and leans forward…) “ARE YOU CRAZY? And, if you’re a Christian, at least try to hide the fact that you don’t believe children are really a heritage from the Lord. Do you really think this is a subject to which my husband and I have not given a serious amount of thought, prayer and research?

So he’s really chattering, to me, and to my 7-year-old about the baby who’s sleeping in her seat. All that intensity of thought is dismissed by your stupid question. “Children are a gift from Me…well, for the next 6,000 years or so.

Then yesterday, at the Thrift store, a lady I recognize. That question is as tired as jelly shoes and twist-a-beads.

(Honestly, I think I’d rather have someone just be truthful and ask me why I don’t use birth control. But after that, you brilliant people will come up with a way to stop them from coming.

Her dress will either be from an American or British designer honoring her roots or acknowledging her new home. British designer Erdem, a favorite of Meghan’s, is known for intricate statement making dresses and could be a good choice.

Dror’s designs, first obtained by TMZ, depict two styles for Meghan to consider.

” The type of “nothing” that you are thinking of probably involves a lot of things—reading a magazine or a book, checking your phone, looking around idly—but this is not the “doing nothing” of standardized test administration.

Because of this, I've become somewhat of an expert in creating mental and physical activities that can be done while actively monitoring that won't distract children or get you in trouble. (If you're not a teacher, you can use any of these the next time you're getting an CT scan!

The first is a slinky white dress with puffed shoulders, a JLo-like neckline that plunges to the waist and fishtail train. The second dress is more in keeping with what you might expect from a royal bride with an A-line shirt and a bodice embellished with lace and worn with a princess-like tiara. It’s highly doubtful Meghan would wear anything that looks as if it would require backup singers.

We’ll bet our collection of fascinators that neither design will be seen on the big day and below you’ll find out why. And for more on monarchical matrimony, check out these 30 Fascinating Facts about British Royal Weddings.

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K.-based but was born in Canada (where Meghan became a star where filming “Suits”) to a British mother and Turkish father.

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