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That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of kittens saved from trees....

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The book was completely and totally predictable which I hate in a book, I hate knowing the outcome before it's even in the working stages. Super cliche, wait no, not cliche, it's loathsome.3 girls from middle school standing up for a blog promoting sexual activities among students? Mads, Lina and Holly were abominable twits encouraging minors to be sexually active. The girls come up with a new feature to The Dating Game: a place where you can rate your exes!...

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I don’t give a shit.” There was nothing I could say or do. A cold wind blew and I buttoned up my coat to my chin. I had been attracted to her, but I hadn’t been sexually aroused by her touch. I asked myself a thousand questions but the one which popped up most was: am I gay? I didn’t think about men in a sexual way, but now I began to wonder. The door opened slowly and my mom stepped in, wearing a pair of gray sweats and a Boston University t-shirt. I had heard it before, but never had a real concept of what it meant. “A transsexual is a man or a woman who lives as a member of the opposite sex. She and I were a team and that wouldn’t change now. My mom said goodnight and left the room, flicking off the lights. I heard shuffling in the room, then she said, “Come in.” I walked into the room, ringing my hands together as I shuffled towards her. ...

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Some of these values include: The primary sources of knowledge about Islam are the Qur’an, which Muslims generally believe is the divinely revealed word of God, and the Sunnah, which refers to the example or precedent of the Prophet Muhammad (i.e., what he said, did, approved, disapproved, caused, ordered, or allowed to happen)....

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