Abledating 2 4 nulled working

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Abledating 2 4 nulled working

Well woooooopeeeeeeee, I bought it with LIFETIME FREE UPDATES, so you are not giving me anything.

abk-soft, just cease selling as you cannot be a decent proactive company but instead you are a menacing reactive pain.

Did my current template can migrate to the new script? Yes Did my current template can migrate to the new script? Marc Baril Posted On: PM also, I use cent os, it's fine to select linux on installation step?

Andrew Bonsky Posted On: PM To ask for support it would be really nice of you to delete your numerous comments about us online saying that we are "a real total scam", for example here https:// everywhere else.

Stay away is all I ask of others out there, don't get burnt like we all did.

I have been using the Chameleon software with the Oryx template now for a few weeks (not sure what name the company goes by) and have been testing extensively and I find it is very nice software.

So far I have found a few bugs in the software and they were dealt with pretty fast.

As additional consideration for the license granted to you under this LA you specifically agree not to disclose or divulge any information whatsoever about the Software Product or the related business practices of the company, which constitute proprietary and confidential nature of the Software Product and the valuable trade secrets of Software Product contained therein by any means such as posting or printing any reviews, ratings, comments, articles on or within any web sites, newsgroups, chat rooms, e-mail messages, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, or any other media of any kind, whether printed, electronic, or other formats either now known or hereafter developed, or to cause or direct any other individual, company, organization, or other entity to undertake the activities outlined above, without the prior express written consent of the company, if such reviews or comments are intended to slander the company or to harm its reputation for failure to accede to demands or requests by you that are outside the scope of the legal rights and obligations of the parties under this license agreement.

You further stipulate that in the event that you (or any other individual, company, organization, or other entity that you cause or direct to engage in the activities outlined above) post any such reviews, ratings, comments, articles, or other information about the Software Product or the related business practices of the company, you shall be finically liable to the company in case your participation is proven by court of competent jurisdiction.

No one else has it now and probably will never have. Nothing to say about the script...fact they menace to law suite you if you do...

But if you want a simple website with just HTML pages you could probably use another script, like Ska Date or PHPFox. but about the support it's another storry, if you leave negative feed back ,they will ban your site and denied support... jsut read this, it's a real conversation with they support and in the case the pretend im a competitor...

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It is a unfortunate however that there is no User Manual available that outlines the majority of features available in the software especially for the Admin section, when running into something you dont quite understand a ticket has to be submitted where this could have been explained in such a manual.

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