Accommodating religious beliefs and practices in the workplace

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She says it has to be accommodated because it’s her sincerely-held religion.

I also know her husband recently took away her car because “queens don’t drive.” He drives her to and from work every day.

It might be better to pay the salary difference to those employees willing to travel.

I asked Bob whether the fact that the travel is only one overnight a few times a year might indicate that it’s not what the law would consider an essential function of the position, and thus if legally it wouldn’t be considered an undue hardship for the employer to accommodate the request.

How to work with the employee to find another suitable position, etc.

Secondly, you are also correct that there is a concern in giving the employee’s husband too much say over how the employer chooses to conduct its own business, simply because his wife is an employee.

When he arrives to pick her up, which is early every day, she gets really antsy until she’s released to leave because she can see his car from her desk window.

She can no longer attend external meetings alone because she doesn’t have transportation, which has created problems already (she was going weekly to external meetings maybe 10 miles away), but technically her job description doesn’t say she needs her own car so my boss thinks we can’t enforce that.

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Remember, you don’t have to accommodate everything.

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