Accomodating chemical sensitivities in schools

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Accomodating chemical sensitivities in schools

However, take it from someone that’s treated the gamut of chronic illness suspects with a total commitment that only someone driven by extreme, unrelenting inflammatory based borderline psychosis and anxiety can know, go after the mold first. It’s pretty easy to figure out if mold is a problem for you, and if it is, then there are very real steps you can take that will make you feel a whole lot better.

OK, so I’m finally to the place where I can talk about how straight forward it is to diagnose mold illness. Shoemaker, you’re probably thinking I’m nuts; diagnosis must be really complicated and most assuredly must include having about twenty vials of blood drawn like I did when I saw Shoemaker. When I was really sick, I spent weeks taking notes while pouring over Dr. Over time, I realized even though it’s important for treatment, not all those tests Dr.

It’s not like the three different Lyme tests I had done; each coming back with a different set of positive bands – as if my body got exposed, developed antibodies, and then forgot that it developed antibodies. A lot of alternative medicine is this way – lots of good theories with many success stories but really hard to know if a diagnosis is accurate let alone if a treatment approach will work. So maybe you do have dental infections, Lyme and a couple of co-infections, heavy metal poisoning, parasites, and so on.

It’ll continue to be this way until the alternative medicine community figures out a way to gather data cooperatively in a scientifically valid way. Maybe you’re taking enough Mepron to revive the dead, have done over forty 1-hour HBOT sessions, FIR saunas until you looked like a shriveled grape, and some really far out treatments that puts you firmly in the top 5% of the most die-hard alternative medicine folks right along side with me.

The eye test measures a person’s ability to distinguish light from dark – detect an “edge”.

As it turns out, Biotoxins lower the available oxygen due to reduced blood flow to the optic nerves. Shoemaker, 92% of the time folks with Biotoxin Illness will fail the VCS test.

So, do you want to know how to tell if mold is messing with you? Later, you can do a simple gene and inflammatory test to give you an even higher degree of certainty. Now I know that lab work like TGF-beta 1, C4-a, C3-a, VEGF, MMP9, Osmolality, ADH, anti-Gliadian antibodies, Leptin, MARCo NS, VFW, hormones, and so on are all important but they’re primarily for developing a treatment protocol. These 35 symptoms are grouped into 13 “clusters” with anywhere from 1 to 5 symptoms in each cluster.

The Visual VCS test is another interesting and somewhat useful diagnostic tool. Also, in my experience, moldy people just don’t think straight. He has meticulously documented and correlated diagnosis and treatment protocols on the over 8,000 patients he worked with in his practice. If you talk to him or listen to his lectures, he never deviates from his rigorous standards. He never says or does anything that isn’t according to a step-by-step, one variable at a time, scientific methodology.

If the Biotoxin Illness Test isn’t convincing enough, you can get an HLA DR gene test to determine if you have a genetic predisposition to Biotoxin Illness. Personally, I believe the mold sort of takes over and induces a physiological response that says “Oh no, it’s not mold. ” So I wrote this blog so people that are unsure about the whole mold factor have a straight-forward way of evaluating if mold is impacting their health. At first glance, this approach can appear confounding to some but it is at the same time why you can rely on his diagnostic and treatment protocols in a way that other theories and protocols cannot afford.

If being symptomatic and having a gene susceptibility still isn’t convincing enough for you, the C4a test will show if you’re body is inflamed. To see why looking at mold is so important and why this should be one of the first steps in treating all chronic illnesses, we need to begin by looking at the work of Dr. Unlike many alternative medicine approaches that rely on untestable theories involving the complex interaction of a multitude of variables, Dr. Essentially, he took a whole bunch of potential diagnostic and treatment solutions and tested them one at a time, recorded the data, and then looked to see if any of them were statistically significant.

I know I’ve certainly heard various accounts about how his approach doesn’t always work.

I’m sure that’s the case but then I often wonder if folks that only realized limited benefit really followed the protocol exactly?

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In discussing Why Mold Should Come First, I make the case that the method of diagnosis and treatment of Biotoxin Illness (sick from mold) are very exact and have an excellent chance of improving your health.

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