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He or she will skillfully close a deal, agree a new training plan, set a schedule, or fine-tune processes.

Good negotiation leads to better working practices, and increased satisfaction in the workplace and in life in general.

You might be facing a panel of people or facilitating a group, rather than having a one-on-one meeting, so there'll be other dynamics to keep in mind, too.

But if you're not feeling too confident, focus on building a strong relationship Negotiation happens in all areas of life, not just during set-piece business deals.

You'll find two styles in this model that you might expect – "accommodating" and "competing" – as well as "avoiding," "collaborative" and "compromise," with guidance on the pros and cons of each.

The heart of your negotiation is, of course, what happens in that crucial conversation.

This style of negotiation can be appropriate when you're, for example, buying or selling real estate.

You'll likely have no contact with the other party afterwards so you can "go all out" for what you want without fear of embarrassment or reprisals.

Many people assume that there is one "ideal" or "correct" style of negotiation that we should all be aiming for. Just as the subject – and seriousness – of your negotiation may change, so can the way that you negotiate.

Your choice of approach depends on what you're trying to achieve, how important total success is, your willingness to compromise, and your ongoing relationship with the other party.

Lewicki–Hiam's Negotiation Matrix is a great place to start.

However, be aware that the other party might have no such scruples, especially if he doesn't expect to deal with you in the future.

So, he could use distributive negotiation, with the intention of "playing hardball," to gain concessions from you in his favor.

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Keep some alternative but acceptable outcomes in mind – these will take a lot of the pressure off your performance.

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