Accomodating student diversity safe dating challenge 2016

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Accomodating student diversity

Incorporating diversity involves designing your course with varied course materials, teaching methods and learning activities that accommodate a diverse group of students with a range of learning styles, abilities, experiences, and cultures. Faculty members as architects: Structuring diversity-accessible courses.

In summary, the patterns in poor school districts mirror those found in racially segregated districts.

Four million Hispanics were living in poverty, but were included in both white and black totals, as Hispanics are not a "race."Regardless of race, the children in married couple families are much less likely to be poor (about 8%) while 29% of white children and 52% of black and Hispanic children who live with a single mother are likely to be poor. Santa Cruz, CA: Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence.

Almost half of these single mothers are working, usually at very low-wage jobs. 4–5) Hodgkinson advocates educational programs that, like Head Start, take into account not only academic needs but conceive of children as whole persons with social, emotional, and physical needs and strengths, in a family context (2003). There are few federal programs in any agency that can support results like these, yet Head Start enrollment has usually hovered below 50% of those eligible. 11) However, many schools do not have the opportunity to work with children at such a young age. How to integrate language and content instruction: A training manual.

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It may also mean that issues of diversity are part of the course learning outcomes and topics related to diversity are embedded within the course content.

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For our Children's Class of 2000, we could estimate that almost one-half million are being raised in families that speak no English at home, and that at least 125,000 will need special attention in preschool and kindergarten to learn to speak and read English.

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