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Adult sex dating in springside new jersey

Thomson related to any students of SCH.” But in interviews, two men, both now in their 50s, said they were abused by Thomson while teenage students at the school in the 1970s.One of the men said that after he told his father he had been touched inappropriately by Thomson during a wrestling session, his father "hit the ceiling," and met with the school’s athletic director and the master of its Upper School to tell them he was outraged.The headmaster of the private school on Wednesday emailed a letter about Thomson’s New Jersey convictions to alumni and asked them to contact the school with any concerns.

He said that in 1977, when he was 15 and in ninth grade, Thomson grabbed his genitals while coaching him in wrestling.At times, the unmarried Thomson would provide rides to youngsters on his way to school from his home in Bala Cynwyd. As for any suggestion of misconduct, Roberts said there was “not a rumor, not a mention of it.” While the furor over abuse within the Catholic Church grew into an international phenomenon in the last two decades, the problem has troubled other institutions as well.“A nice guy,” Barnaby Roberts, the school’s headmaster in the 1980s, said Tuesday. Last year, the Boston Globe published a series of news reports about abuse at more than 60 New England private schools.He freely admitted that he had been manipulating the boy for a future sexual relationship.As for the boy, he told police that Thomson was “nice,” and had been a help to his family.

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Both men who leveled the allegations asked not to be named in this account.

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