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The resulting number is passed into the Date constructor.EDIT: I have intentionally left out the radix (the 2nd argument to parse Int); see my comment below."As soon as we get those results back we'll have a better understanding of how they died," Tudos said.Police said they were alerted to Wednesday's incident after a woman stopped by to check on Krassimira Pejcinovski but a man barred her from entering the home.

"I know that (Fenn) was involved in a relationship with ... "There's some history there." Fenn was arrested Wednesday night, hours after police found the victims with "obvious signs of trauma" in their home."The kid was a little undersized for a goaltender by today's standards, but it didn't deter him at all," he said."One of the nicest, and gentlest boys you'd ever want to meet." The team's Friday night game has been cancelled, but a session with grief counsellors was held again Thursday evening, said Don Mills Flyers president Peter Mac Innis. — A burly man, his face bruised and bloodied, appeared in an Ontario court on Thursday accused of killing a woman he was in a relationship with and two of her teenaged children.While investigators working behind yellow tape scoured the woman's double-storey home on an otherwise quiet street in Ajax, Ont., Cory Fenn, 29, was arraigned in court in nearby Oshawa, Ont., on three second-degree murder charges.

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On his Facebook page, Fenn lists the Toronto District School Board as his employer, but the board said it could not confirm he worked for them, referring all questions regarding the case to police. Family was 'well-liked' in Ajax: police Neighbours and other well-wishers left a small pile of flowers and cards outside the family's home on Thursday. "I know that they were very well-liked within the community," he said.

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