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Raven goes to visit Alexander one night thought she finds Trevor smiling exiting the mansion.

( Jemily ) The rangers will be their for her but may that be enough when she finds out Serena dies.Biography: I was born at San Diego, California (Same as Brittany Anne Pirtle, again!!! My favorite couple's: Jayden and Emily = Jemily (Power Rangers Samurai)Harry and Ginny = Ginrry (Harry Potter)Ron and Hermoine = Hermoon (Harry Potter)Kevin and Mia = Kia (Power Rangers Samurai)Beck and Tori = Bori (Victorious)Andre and Jade = Jandre (Victorious)Robbie and Cat = Cabbie (Victorious)Sinjin and Trina = Trinjin ( Victorious)Draco and Luna = Dralun (Harry Potter)Freddie and Carly = Creddie (i Carly)Spencer and Sam = Spencam (i Carly)Nelson and Grace = Grelson (How To Rock)Zander and Stevie = Zevie (How To Rock)Kevin and Kacey = Kavin (How To Rock)Kendall and Jo = Jendall (Big Time Rush)Logan and Camille = Locam (Big Time Rush)Carlos and Stephanie = Stephar (Big Time Rush)James and Katie = Jamkat (Big Time Rush)Michael and Mia = Micia (The Princess Diaries)Boris and Lily = Borilil (The Princess Diaries)Josh and Lana = Lanjo (The Princess Diaries)Stefan and Elena = Stefel (The Vampire Diaries)Here's my Photo Bucket account! my profile picture: Well, that's ME on my profile picture. And, my younger sister Krista is gonna be a Brides Maid!!!!The one that I am wearing is our cheerleading uniform in Indiana University with, my i Phone 4S on my hand. Our parents kinda doesn't like the idea of my brother and her getting married cause' my brother is only 22 and she's only 21.PERSONAL LIFE He was rumored to be in a relationship with Brittany Anne Pirtle.FUN FACTS TV Actor Alex Heartman were born on Monday, birthstone is Amethyst, the seaon was Winter in the Chinese year of Horse, it is 223 days until Alex Heartman next birthday.

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This is a crossover with Nicklodeon hits shows, "ICarly", "Victorious" and " How To Rock" and Disney Channel hits shows, "Good Luck Charlie", "Shake It Up", and "ANT Farm".