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It's Ukrainian criminals, meat farms, and martial arts all mixed in one fantastic show, but nobody’s . You're quite close with Snoop Dogg, and have even had Lil Yachty on your show. I have a very good memory for sound and visuals so I generally don’t watch movies more than once, because I can tell you what the next scene is. It was this morning—a laminated conference table because we’re moving offices around, and somebody broke a five-inch piece of one of my table's laminate, which now renders the table totally worthless. I’ve been trying to figure out how much it’s worth—it’s probably a ,000 table or something—which is definitely worth fixing. Just the other day, somebody followed me, and the name was ‘faux bois something or other.' I collect faux bois and I’m making beautiful faux bois pieces for QVC now, and this guy is really good, and he led me to a whole lot of other accounts. Your personal Instagram account, which you seem to run yourself, is particularly amazing.

good movie, if you’re in the mood for a spy thriller. I went to that whole Radio City retrospective for Fleetwood Mac, which had a whole lot of artists leading up to the actual Fleetwood Mac. But you have to put a whole new laminate on the top and they don’t make that laminate anymore. I basically use Instagram as a reference point, for research and finding sources—I learn a lot from it. Was there anyone who first taught you how to use it? [How do you choose between what to post on there and what to post on your blog?

I have a lot of information that I’d like to share, and as the avenues for sharing decrease—and they really are decreasing, because everyone’s paying attention to what isn’t Kim Kardashian wearing today, or that kind of stuff that they really want to see—but they also need to learn. No, I wake up way before my alarm—it’s set for the last minute before I have to be up for my driver. Then I go and let the dogs out into their yards out the kitchen door.

So that’s my idea of why I continue to blog and to show interesting pictures. Today I had to leave my house by seven, so my alarm was set for six, but I always wake up beforehand. Then I turn the lights on, and I go back upstairs to shower and wash my hair, whatever else you do, and pack.

Another friend of mine gets many, not because she’s lazy, but she doesn’t read as much as she should, so she appreciates it. I just very inappropriately finished is that the lifeboats didn’t really work—I think they only were able to launch six of them. I went out to the deck of the icebreaker I was on and looked at the lifeboats, and the chains were completely corroded—they’d never been lowered or tested in the last 10 or 15 years. Not that even a lifeboat would save you in Antarctica. Oh God, I just finished one of the most extraordinary series ever, and no one’s seen it.

I don’t know why people haven’t seen this crazy crime show.

My blog is an instructional tool that’s a very serious, well written, beautifully photographed, sort of like a magazine series that goes on and on and on and on.

It’s a lot of stuff that we don’t put in the magazine because we don’t have enough pages to include what I put in my blog.

It takes place in Pennsylvania, where I now go pretty much every week now for QVC, and I’m terrified of certain areas of Pennsylvania now, because it takes place in the Amish Country. I get bored very easily, and I’d rather listen to new songs than old songs. I try not to be totally interested in Instagram, but I do follow quite a few people on there, but very randomly.

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Every year, about 10 days before Christmas, America’s high priestess of entertaining invites more than 200 guests to her Bedford, New York, farm for an over-the-top open house straight out of the pages of her namesake magazine.

One of my signatures, which is now also Kevin’s, is to stick one giant, extraordinary leaf, like Solomon’s seal, or a colocasia, which are more commonly known as elephant ears, into the arrangement once it's complete. I was having lunch in the old Four Seasons at the Grill Room, which is now called the Grill, in the olden days when Julian [Niccolini] was running the show there.

I grow a lot of large leaf perennials in my garden anyway, so I’ll use those; there’s a rhododendron arrangement which has Solomon’s seal in it that I especially like that's on page 63. A man noticed me and wanted a date, and so he had 400 white roses delivered to me.

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Long before Martha Stewart's teenage modeling days, and long before she built a lifestyle empire, Stewart could be found digging up dirt in her family garden with her father at home in New Jersey.

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