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It is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with one who is poor but whereas there seems to be something virtuous about poverty there is just something tacky about wealth.

More recently standards and views have changed and the idea of the woman earning more than the man is not frowned upon.

Class was always very important and if the man was earning less it may be that the woman was higher up the social scale then him.

Money was considered an important factor when choosing a mate and for some woman it was the only thing they were interested in.

• Golf clubs often attract rich woman and they may just go for the social side rather than to play.

As long as you do not try, and she does not expect expensive jewelry and perfume things should be fine.

It is not only a matter of knowing where to look but what you need to look out for.

Not many men will have a good knowledge of women’s fashion let alone be able to tell what is genuine and what is fake.

The final stage now seems to be men who actively seek to date rich women.

This is not so much in the form of a gigolo where it is a temporary arrangement that has benefits for both parties but a long term life time choice.

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A good way to find out if she really cares is to test her with the gifts.