Android setvalidating documentbuilderfactory parsers xml javax biggest dating site in china

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Android setvalidating documentbuilderfactory parsers xml javax

I tried to use the library according to the guideline on the Git Hub page The first problem I got is that there is no class called Book.The fifth line of code in the Usage section tries to create a Book object from parsers.I'm getting the same error with the sample app provided Epub Parser-Sample-Android-Application.The Document Object Model provides APIs that let you create, modify, delete, and rearrange nodes.Book Reader Create(Book Reader 11-02 .755 29673-29673/com.a360ground.lomibooksrecycler W/System.err: at

Zygote Init.main(Zygote Same problem here. Get a Parser Configuration Exception on Full Content(epub File Path).

If you specify an invalid combination of options, the factory generates a More information about how to use name spaces and validation is provided in Validating with XML Schema, in which the code that is missing from the above extract will be described.

The default response to a validation error, as dictated by the SAX standard, is to do nothing.

Activity Thread$H.handle Message(Activity 11-02 .755 29673-29673/com.a360ground.lomibooksrecycler W/System.err: at

Handler.dispatch Message( 11-02 .755 29673-29673/com.a360ground.lomibooksrecycler W/System.err: at

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As a result, the error-handling code for DOM applications is very similar to that for SAX applications: as an argument when the program is run.

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