Are chris and mariska dating

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Are chris and mariska dating

The actor posted a clearer picture on his own account.

"Friends #Seehappy #jingle Hells," he wrote., with his cast mates.

, noting that the departure of her longtime partner, Chris Meloni's Detective Elliot Stabler, opened up a new world for Olivia Benson.

"With Elliot Stabler's departure, that was the only way she could have a relationship," the actress told reporters Wednesday during NBC's Summer Press Day in Pasadena.

my character has gone on this unbelievable personal journey that is both reflected in her persona life and the story lines.

To break the ice Hargitay tried making a joke, but "he didn't think I was funny,” she says with a laugh."This new cast came on and I had no idea what to expect -- and we had a new showrunner," she told reporters."The show this year is awesome and different and has gone into different areas and I get to play different things; my own story of having a boyfriend after 13 years …"Olivia, 13 years ago, was a different person; she was a rookie cop with a lot of passion and a need for justice and need to fix her past," she said."She's developed and grown into a lioness who didn't just want justice but needed it.

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