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drew to a close Thursday by saying goodbye to the series' lead character, Elena Gilbert.But despite the emotional events of the season finale, The CW's long-running vampire drama is far from over.

And so with that knowledge going into the finale, many viewers were curious (and scared) to see just how and why Elena would leave her friends, boyfriend Damon and Mystic Falls.

And honestly, how much fun would it be to see Bruce and Clark following Damian and Kara around on a date? And if they do, I hope they age everyone in the DC universe with him. I just don't want him to get to age 18 and start dating Supergirl or something, who herself hasn't aged at all. I believe that would be an interesting romance to blossom, if they made Lian around the same age of course.

The interaction between Dick and Roy would be priceless since Dick would have to deal with Damian troubles because Bruce would just ignore Roy's complaints about Damian.

He's got a hint of a crush on her possibly so that could always unfold.

Whatever the case, I think a love interest is a while off still and I doubt he's even encountered her/him yet. OMG the whole ~meeting the inlaws~ thing is going to be so awkward.

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Dries says Bonnie will decide to make Elena's sacrifice worth it as well and become Damon's new moral center.