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Packed with adventure, excitement and horsy info, Pony Camp Diaries are perfect for pony-mad girls everywhere!

Daisy is thrilled to be at Pony Camp, where she teams up with gorgeous pony Dancer and quickly makes friends with her room-mates, twins Rosie and Isabel.

At the religious ceremony, the couple is enjoined to ensure they make God the bedrock of their home.

First, her friends pray for her that she finds happiness with the person she has chosen.

Then, her mother, sisters and aunties uphold her spiritually.

1: Spirit filled and prayerful 2: Altruistic and selfless 3: Loving unconditionally 4: Liberal in the action he pursues 5: Has a personal and ongoing relationship with his Spirit 6: Remains honest and trustworthy at all times 7: Maintains a connection/fellowship with members of his faith.

These traits paint a picture of perfection and this is why they exist only in fairy tales.

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Daisy is desperate not to let her friends down, but she struggles with the tricky moves, and poor Dancer spooks at everything too!

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  1. She spends a year and sometimes two years in this dizzying seminary environment, and when she gets back, it takes at least another year for her to re-land and readjust to life back to normal at home.