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Editor Keith Kendrick had run both Loaded and Chat.However, like Emap’s First, it struggled and closed within a year.In 1902, (Amalgamated) 28 September 1935 (216 x 298mm, stapled, 60 pages).Amalgamated took a different tack to its Newnes rival Woman’s Own in designing Home Journal by using monthly production values on a weekly.It adopted a glossy weekly format, though it used the same page size as Newnes and the same printer, Sun.At 3d, it cost 1d more than its rivals, but ran to twice as many pages and used gravure printing on better paper.Amalgamated became Fleetway and was one of the companies that made up IPC.

It was launched by the publisher George Biggs and made great use of mechanisation for typesetting, printing and binding from the outset.It broke the 500,000 barrier in the second half of 2004 - a rise of 30% on a year earlier.A dieting and fitness website, Closerdiets, was launched in 2006.The German magazines followed the 'left third' cover design rule so the title and cover lines can be read even if the magazines are partly covered up on newsagents' shelves. 7 issues Short-lived weekly from IPC that tried to move upmarket and address younger readers from the company's typical weeklies.The target ABC1 demographic group is women aged 25-44 in socio-economic groups B, C1 and C2 with children. The title was a poor idea - candida being a fungal infection that causes thrush. It was described as the first mass market women’s weekly launched since the late 1950s. from 2007, she worked for a spell at Cedar as the contract publisher's editor-in-chief.

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It used a German-influenced colour tabloid newspaper format with an initial print run of 1.2m copies and advertising base rates based on 750,000 sales. The launch drew on experience from the German market. 28 Sept 2002- Celebrity weekly with television listings.

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