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Back dating deposits

The maximum amount that can be accepted for deposit in such account is Rs.1,00,000/-.

For all subsequent deposit, a simple Application-form (Form No.410 is to be filled) At present, the minimum period for a term deposit shall be 7 days for deposit amount of Rs.100 lacs and above & minimum 15 days for amounts less than Rs.100 lacs.For calculation of interest on term deposits for periods less than -12- months, the following procedure would be adopted: ( w.e.f.) Standing Instructions are accepted for credit of periodical interest in case of monthly / quarterly / half yearly interest on deposits to customers Current / Savings Bank account.Term deposit accounts can be opened with instructions payable to 'Either or Survivor', payable jointly, payable to any one of the depositors etc. Photographs of the depositors except in case of existing accounts (having photographs) Available In sole name – if the minor is 10 years and above and can read and write.It can also be opened with instructions payable to "Former or Survivor" or "Former, Survivors Jointly or Last Survivor" or "Latter or Survivor" in which case operational/ payment instructions at the time of opening the account or subsequent variations, if any, in these instructions, should be signed by all the joint depositors. In joint name with natural guardian if minors are less than 10 years of age.

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The amount of maturity value in case of deposit under RIRD, and the principal amount along with the residual interest, if any will be paid by:- Credit of depositors account with the Bank.

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