Ballbuster sex live camera

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Ballbuster sex live camera

The slave begs for mercy, but Lexi just laughs and tells him that she is a sadistic bitch and he will take whatever she wants to dish out.Lexi demonstrates that the prod is real, then shocks the slave right in the nuts with it!

We hold him tighter for one another, and hit him with plenty of surprise shots to really make him squirm! - Princess Summer xoxo File name: femdom videos CBT 1092 File Size : 450 MB Runtime : 5 min 12 s Resolution : 1280x720 Format video: MP4 Preview: Download Link: Ballbusting Halloween Party 2 Our Ballbusting Halloween Party continues as victim #2 steps in to try and survive our onslaught of Ball Abuse.

Pop Quiz Nikki and Chloe have devised a fun quiz to play with Peter.

The rules are simple - if he gets a question about football correct, they don't kick him in the bollocks, but if he gets it wrong, they do!

Enjoy the slo-motion replays of the humbling, ball smashing experience, LOL!

I litteraly make him look straight into the camera and admit that he is not even a real man!

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