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This research is important because all of the existing research regarding birth order is inconclusive, as exemplified in the literature search.Furthermore, no research has been found examining the effects of birth order on friendships and unsuccessful romantic relationships.If the birth order factor has a major influence on an individuals personality, and different people of the same birth order have similar personality traits, then this researcher concludes that birth order has a major influence on the types of interpersonal relationships people have.Although much research has been done involving birth order, the research is inconclusive.

Birth order has been relevant in many research studies.Each rank, the oldest, middle, youngest, and only, generally have similar characteristics that are common in different people of the same birth order.It is logical to conclude that these similar characteristics will effect other aspects of life, namely interpersonal relationships.On the plus side, they are kind, considerate and helpful, making them quite impressive to both men and women.Unfortunately, they might have difficulty understanding women, what with no other female to relate to, but their mother.

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Older sister of sisters They tend to be dominant with a natural tendency to be in control, strong and courageous.

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