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Blake hailey american idol dating

When a coach turns around and presses the red button during the “Blind Auditions,” there is no “whoosh” sound — this according to Kat (season six). You almost don’t notice it, especially when you’re focusing and singing to the crowd that’s in the studio.” 5. Jessie (season two) says she was really well fed, so much that she gained weight during her season. It was basically like being an adult without having to be one.

Once you’re on the show for a while, you got money [a stipend] to go out and catering was really great.

Vicci (season one) remembers being invited to Blake’s house for parties. “He’s so warm and so funny.” Dia (season one), who worked closely with Blake and went on to tour with him after the show, says he always fought for her.

“I was expecting an untouchable superstar, but he was the most grounded, most down to earth, friendly person I’d ever met.” 12. According to Kat (season six), Adam would always check in with his team even before the cameras were rolling.

“I would have never auditioned standing in line, it just wasn’t on my bucket list.” 2.

There is a long training period before the “Blind Auditions” — traditionally the first episode of each season — is even filmed.

It was practice for what it’s really like out there. You're literally on the next flight home and getting back to reality hours later. "Even with 'Blind Auditions,' you spend weeks [training] with them and they're gone. “It’s emotionally frustrating,” says Frenchie (season one), who adds that she had to take personality tests before getting the final approval to be on the show. Every second.” The show’s psychology team is also on hand to smoothen the exit process."We also had social media and interview training by professionals that were brought in by to teach us skills for living our lives 'out loud' on social media, radio, print, and red carpet platforms," she says.“We never got any of that,” Frenchie recalls, and fellow season-one competitor Dia Frampton says the only instructions she got were about where to stand and where to exit.“They just said, ‘Good luck,’ and then you’re on your own.” is your life 24/7 until you get eliminated or win.Jessie Poland, who competed under the name "Charlotte Sometimes" in season two, put her New York apartment up for sublet while the show filmed in L. The demanding show schedule made it nearly impossible to do anything else, like a part-time job: “I couldn’t make a ton of money.

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“I remember [having] really delicious oatmeal with blueberries. “I was dating somebody who worked with her, so I got to go back and meet her. “It’s always hysterical when the judges say, ‘I don’t think that was a good song choice for you,’ and I’m thinking, ‘You picked that song.’” Frenchie says for her and so many other contestants, song choice was a constant frustration.8. Dia (season one) says her coach Blake Shelton always texted her back “whenever I was worried or uneasy about something.” Jessie (season two) also had his number: “It was a different time.” For Kat (season six), Adam Levine was available by a specific email and a phone number that led to his assistant. “It was ridiculous,” recalls Vicci (season one), who says that even Blake and Adam’s assistants and makeup artists got along right from the get-go.