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The Japanese New Year Cards which can be bought in stationery shops and post offices are so-called “prepaid postcards“.

That means, as long as they’re sent within the country they don’t need a stamp!

The places vistited was very interesting and we had wonderful weather. She made sure we had enough time visiting every place and taking the photos we wanted to take.

Since the beginning she explained the Japanese culture and many important things.

You can usually buy the postcards starting from late November in stationery shops (e.g. There’s a huge variety of adorable cards, so I always have problems choosing only a few.

In addition to what is printed on the cards, I always write something personal on them as well – which leads us to the next feature: There are several set phrases for Japanese New Year Cards. You’ll have to use different phrases and politeness forms for friends, coworkers, bosses etc.

Start your Kamakura visit at Jomyo-ji Temple, enjoy matcha — powdered green tea — amid the refined and tranquil ambiance of a 400-year-old tearoom that looks out over a Japanese rock garden.

Later visit Hokoku-ji Temple, a renowned temple whose highlight is its beautiful bamboo grove, and then the city’s famous Great Buddha, located at the complex of Kotoku-in Temple.

Have a look at this website (Japanese) to see a few examples.

Sending cards to family and friends towards the end of the year is something very common. There are some people who just send a few cards each year.

In Japan as well, there’s the custom of sending Japanese New Year Cards, better known as “nengajo” (年賀状). More importantly, if you receive a new year card from somebody – and haven’t yet sent one to them – then you better hurry up and return the favor ASAP!

Here’s a very short example with English translations.

Here’s a website in Japanese that I often use for reference when writing my new year cards.

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Begin your excursion with a pickup from Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel or the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal.

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