Booksamillion dating

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Booksamillion dating

I asked to have my entire to be refunded given the circumstances and I was told “she could not do that” because one of the items have shipped.

I told her then just refund the remaining books in which she replied with the same answer.

Today, the company is the second largest bookstore chain in the U. With more than 250 stores, approximately 5,500 full time employees, as well as an e Commerce site, it’s difficult to not find a one of these chains in any large city in America.

The company is second in size only to Barnes & Noble.

I do not think Books-A-Million is trying to correct the problem, so be aware when you take you children to the book store.

She then said the book may take up to 30 days to deliver!! What’s going on with your company, Books A Million?

You have no business offering express shipping if you can’t get your orders fulfilled in a timely manner. -Ivy Reply I want to start off by explaining that I am EXTREMELY disappointed in books a million.

Soon, Anderson took his profits and purchased a bookstore in 1964, which he named Bookland.

Bookland is still in business, operating today as a subsidiary of Books-A-Million.

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My six year old daughter now has been exposed to pornography thanks to Books-A-Million!!