Boyish dating game

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Boyish dating game

However, after seeing the final film, Rice retracted her initial statements and filmed a short spot for the video version, endorsing the film.

Caryn James of The New York Times reported, “the power of the film depends on Mr. Low-key and serene, he makes Louis convincing as a bereaved father, lover, even son.” Pitt’s next few efforts secured his place as a Hollywood staple; still, many critics found his roles lacking in dimension.

More Serious Fare However, later that year, the Hollywood sunshine set the golden boy alight once more in Robert Redford’s 1992 film A River Runs Through It, based on Norman Mc Lean’s autobiography.

Pitt played the main character’s gambling, fly-fishing brother (looking remarkably like a younger version of the director).

Rice initially expressed outrage at the casting choices, finding the two boyish, all-American film stars too rough for the homoerotic overtones of the tale.

“It’s like casting Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer,” she reportedly complained.

Pitt’s first jobs came in television in the late 1980s.

Pitt played Early Grayce, a man who goes on a cross-country killing spree with his girlfriend.

The film was deemed self-indulgently violent and nihilistic by many reviewers and did not do well in the box office.

Then, in 1997, after a seven-month engagement, the couple split for unknown reasons.

In 1995, Pitt starred as a mental patient in Terry Gilliam’s psychological thriller Twelve Monkeys, winning a Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his performance and earning his first Oscar nod.

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During filming, Pitt met and began dating his then relatively unknown costar, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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