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He earned his Bachelors of Science in Manufacturing Engineering at Chico State.

Nathan also owned a wine bar while he was in Chico - where he perfected his dish washing skills that Sarah greatly appreciates.

Steph and I became friends in middle school since we both loved the Backstreet Boys!

Even though we'd been talking about getting engaged, Nathan completely surprised Sarah when he proposed one Friday evening at home. Nathan Nathan is a project manager at Northern California Injection Molding.

We will have plenty of wine, beer (we get to choose our own kegs! After dinner, there will be a large bonfire and s'mores fixings!

The dance floor is smooth pavement but other areas of the venue are still grass or gravel.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to camp at the venue. :( Attire: The dress for the wedding is semi-formal but please wear something that makes you comfortable so you will have fun!

The shuttles will make multiple trips from the winery to the Holiday Inn Express at the end of the wedding. Bring some quarters if you want to play arcade games! Sarah's brother Patrick is turning 30 on Monday, July 2nd!

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We still manage to have hour long conversations every time we talk.

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