Briggs engine dating

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Briggs engine dating

He was tall enough to be eighteen, I supposed, but my instincts, which are pretty good, pinned his age closer to fifteen.His shoulders were wide but boney, and his hands were a little large as if he still had some growing to do before he grew into the man he would be. "I don't know a lot about fixing cars, but I used to help my uncle keep his bug running." I believed he was strong: werewolves are.Over a dirty tee, he wore a too-small flannel shirt -- inadequate clothing for November.He looked gaunt, as though he'd been a while without food. Just a few hours work." I could smell his anxiety before it was drowned out by a rush of adrenaline when I didn't immediately refuse."We'll see how it works." "There's a laundry room and a shower back through that door," I pointed to the door at the back of the shop.

If you want to shower and put those on, you can run the clothes you're wearing through the washer.As soon as I had picked up the distinctive musk-and-mint scent, I'd had a nervous urge to drive him out of my territory.However, not being a werewolf, I control my instincts -- I'm not controlled by them.I took a deep breath and smiled once brightly for practice before I rolled out from under the car.I snagged a rag to wipe the oil off my hands, and said, "Can I help you?

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It made me grumpy -- which isn't a good way to deal with customers.