Cam girl yemeni

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Cam girl yemeni

The Girls World Communication Center (GWCC), a part of the Yemeni Youth Development Foundation, was set up through Glamour Magazine with donations to Nujood’s cause to do just that.

Located in Sana'a, the GWCC provides educational programs, including language classes and computer training, to roughly 2,000 girls each year — most of them at no cost because their families cannot afford to pay.

Nujood’s courageous decision to end her marriage was a historic event for Yemen, as few precedents existed for her action.While several organizations exist in Yemen to combat child marriage, Nujood’s case sparked an overarching call to action from both the Yemeni and international communities.While Nujood was focused on escaping her abusive marriage, she was also eager to return to her younger sister in order to protect her from the same fate.While the debate has continued, child brides continue to suffer the harsh realities of their plight - in September 2009, a 12-year old Yemeni child bride died in childbirth, while another died in April 2010 from internal bleeding after being raped by her husband. Although Nujood’s case brought the issue of child brides into the open, it is still extremely difficult for young girls to obtain divorces.

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