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constructions, using a protractor, etc.) and students love having their work shown on screen (when they bring their work to my desk).”Document cameras may have first been designed to capture documents, but it’s clear they’re equally adept at capturing everything from human faces to birds in a tree to cells in a Petri dish.

Perhaps they should call them the Everything Cameras.

“Through simple questions, they begin to understand things many children their age know nothing about, like time zones, different languages, and traditions for specific holidays around the world.

My students may be small, but their minds are anything but!

This is a direct integration with our science curriculum, and I am able to help support the science teachers as they cover this topic in their curriculum.”As for whether the students are thrown for a loop by this blended learning approach, Sally contends her students have actually embraced it.

Skype lessons can be invaluable if one lives at a distance from their teacher.A language arts instructor incorporating science lessons? “I am implementing differentiated and integrated learning stations in my language arts classroom,” said Sally.“It’s a way to incorporate blended learning into my instruction and promote student growth.”Sally purchased a custom microscope adapter for her Point 2 View camera, and the results were immediate.From hiking trails to history museums, the ability for doc cams to both capture and stream material will be useful if not crucial.Perhaps unsurprisingly, most modern doc cams are also adept at capturing devices with screens such as smartphones and tablets.

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And because the Point 2 View features a detachable camera, Arlene was able to easily re-orient the camera and focus in for nice, close-up views of particular students or their works of art.

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