Carbon dating change 2016

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Carbon dating change 2016

This year, I’ve been spending a lot more time at the local elementary school, as our boy has rejoined his friends in fifth grade after two years of homeschooling.Through the daily bike rides to and from school, and my weekly gig as a volunteer math/engineering teacher for a small group of boisterous advanced learners, I get to meet a lot more new people from the community than I had in the preceding two years.

When really, measuring life by your spending level is like judging a town by the size of its parking lots.The richest people earn the right to consume the largest share of natural resources.However if we still valued our efficiency, the very thing that got us here and the biggest gift of being a human, the opposite would be true.Personally, I enjoy this little disconnect between me and most people.There are enough friends around here (and Mustachians out there) for all of us to find plenty of community as well as plenty of time to dabble in our own little science labs.

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Unless you are lucky enough to be conversing with another highly abnormal person, this conversation can quickly turn to a blank stare – the normal people don’t quite understand the idea of deliberately working hard even if you don’t have to, or not buying stuff even when you can afford to buy it.

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