Chances of dating a stripper dating violence among teens

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They're tough-minded, driven, tolerant to the nth degree. The job may not be your cup of tea or an option you'd ever consider but to paraphrase someone sharp, "Let (s)he without sin cast the first stone." I mentioned in another thread that I'd been romantically involved with exotic dancers. That doesn't make me an authority, by any means, but I'd like to shed a little light on this.

Many people think they would not date a stripper, but I want to know what makes you think a stripper would date you?Broadly speaking (no pun intended), these women are confident, aggressive, insightful, goal-driven folks. There is a heart-melting vulnerability present in so many of them I've spoken with.And in spite of often seeing men at their worst, lots of these folks have a delightful expectation of what the future holds.Chances of meeting a stripper are rather slim I think. If he is, I ain't sure I want anything with a stripper...Not entirely sure what the difference is, but over here we don't go to strip clubs like you'd go to a pub. I thought this would be an interesting question to ask.

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With most dating sims, you can at least justify what you're doing by the game's internal logic.

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