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So amazed southwest airlines wouldnt want to get away. watch out below haters pumped up jump up get dropped like Geronimo that's why we on the top as far as the sky will go i freestyle better then crazy kid bobby wrote kickin raps butter thats why i got the flow honor roll ill beat you lyrically off the porch step you raps tight cause your ***** *** wear a corset I bring terror like a sport in cloths you can't efford **** you don't even got fare for the war you didn't even knock just scared staring at the door unaware we partying inside like its july 4th if your keeping score we need a bigger score board landslide so who you banking on good **** boys keep it up just to say im new to this tread but that don't mean ill put the lead in all yalls head paint the walls red yea I kno its been said so what apparently only drug dealers n thugs get ***** and bust shots except for me I carry the fully automatic trust me when I say dont start no static cuz ill be quick to give it to your ***** then let ya have it n chain her in my attic feed her oxys morphine xanax turn her to my addict till I know shes finally had it n lay her in the dirt alongside the others with the maggits my minds a waste goin nowhere yet a constant race n send my victems familys recipes and describe in it how they taste.I tell myself im getting wiser, and even bit more meek, but the truth is im just getting older everytime that i blink. Bxtch please you aint nothin more than a coward in danger... wassup, im new to this to but ill still school you im from the streets of michigan where you never been, lived here since i was born never left you better duck before your face connects with my left, btch dont kill my vibe me my team we'll kill your whole tribe, winters are cold walking home my feet are froze cant feel my toes then i meet up with the bros we fight for 30 no low blows cuz we homies and we know, police know how we roll, we dont fck around we go to town, im no thug but i get around people mistaking us for mobbin all 8 of us watchin smokin a blunt an walkin bumpin to the newist mgk sht or that dmx sht we never fck with this new sht it's sht like i **** and took this new hip hop sht an whiped my *** with it, i'm 17 and i know whats goood i get down in the hoood im notta G im just a troubled kid tryna turn my life around but its hard when all your friends dont give a sht and on the same way we'll never go our own ways, someday we'll all get our payday and revenge is just a day away.As hard as you work is what you deserve and im about to start my grind to see how much i can earn. Dont get too loud cause by now you should know im that game stopper...

But like everyone else i gotta be more down to earth, because who you are is what you are worth. But you still aint slinging nun good and thats the truth... You aint nothin but imma still cut u dont to size like a wood chopper.... We managed to catch up with André in-between laps at Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid 2015 final. We had four FMX riders and around six BMX riders, and in the end it was a really good show.We have done around thirty shows now but this was the biggest one so far; we had big screens, light shows and pyrotechnics – the works!It's a tricky skill to learn, but can be really helpful when learning how to rap.If you want to learn how to rap, this is a good place to start. It gives you topics to keep your brain on a roll, as well as provides beats that you can listen to so that you can practice your flow.

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Training Your Brain Forming Your Rap Battle Plan Performing Your Best Community Q&A Battling can be a great opportunity for a rapper to showcase their talents.

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