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Reports to the UN Commission on Human Rights have underscored the racial aspect of such practices: victims are exclusively persons belonging to the indigenous tribes of the Nuba Mountains (darker-skinned Africans).Government-armed Arab militias are known to kill the men and enslave the women and children as personal property or to march them north to be auctioned off and sold.The New World yielded food for proletarians and fiber for factories at reasonable (even falling) prices.The “industrious revolution” that began in the sixteenth century set the stage for the Industrial Revolution of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.According to the American Anti-Slavery Group, in Mauritania—where slavery was legally abolished in 1980—90,000 darker-skinned Africans still live as the property of the Muslim Berber communities.

Planters and overseers didn’t use them that differently than their indentured servants.

Europeans worked a little bit harder to satiate their hunger for these “drug foods.” The luxury-commodities of the seventeenth century became integrated into the new middle-class rituals like tea-drinking in the eighteenth century.

By the nineteenth century, these commodities became a caloric and stimulative necessity for the denizens of the dark satanic mills.

The systematic application of African slaves in staple export crop production began in the sixteenth century, with sugar in Brazil.

The African slave trade populated the plantations of the Caribbean, landing on the shores of the Chesapeake at the end of the seventeenth century.

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