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Cindy escalon dating

It can connect past, future and the present, forming continuity and hope.My desire as a therapist is to provide assistance and encouragement for every one of my clients in exploring these personal stories as a way of coping with pain and finding meaning.""Many of our experiences come from a place of great suffering and fear.If you tend to follow "the road less traveled" and are looking for a non clinical approach then, I believe, I can be a good fit for you.I truly love what I do and believe that finding clients who are a good match allow the therapy or coaching process to produce strong results.""I'm a great "fit" for a creative type personality who is looking to get clear and then act on what they desire in their life.I truly love what I do and believe that finding clients who are a good match allow the therapy or coaching process to produce strong results.""I provide a safe, empathic and supportive environment as we work together to improve the quality of your life.My experience includes but is not limited to encouraging clients who are: struggling with difficult relationships, challenged by anxiety and/or depression, suffering from trauma (including sexual abuse), grieving the loss of a loved one, working through divorce and/or blended family issues, and seeking parenting strategies."Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." Bren Brown""I have many years of experience and training and enjoy working with adults, couples and teens.I find that most clients come to me when their old ways of coping are no longer working (or they are unhealthy) and the stress is too much!

My clients learn how to relate to themselves and others in ways that increase self-preservation, self-compassion, problem solving skills, and positive thinking. My approach in therapy is to create a warm and transparent environment while challenging unhealthy patterns to help gain self-awareness, insight and tools for improving quality of life.""Often, life gives us challenges that seem overwhelming.Therapy takes intentional effort, vulnerability and persistence to bring about meaningful change in our lives.Before that change can occur, we must first learn what is going on.Often, this entails surviving harsh challenges and as a result, pieces of our personal stories may be missing, either because they are forgotten or too painful to talk about.Restoring one's personal history can prove to be invaluable in healing pain.

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I will give you guidance, support and direction and I am here to help you along that path of self-discovery.""If you're feeling stuck or lost, or you're needing some guidance or a new perspective, I'm here to help.

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