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She earns the handsome amount of money from different filmography, Tours and albums.

Colbie Caillat was born on 28th May 1985 in Malibu, California.It's about a girl who gets giddy feelings whenever she is around the guy that she loves. I don't know whether you're a guy or girl but if youre a guy I can help. Some have suggested it is about how he makes her feel sexually, but the fact that she says in the first verse that the feelings come when she sees his bubbly face shows that it is more about being around the guy... Dressing like a prep is more about brands than the style. Make sure all your clothes are form fitting and not baggy nor skin tight. All you do is sit by the computer and mess with other peoples personal... Moving towards her personal life, Colbie Caillat announces engagement to guitarist Justin Young.

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I believe they edited it out in her picture on the cover of Breakthrough so you can't see it, but it is visible in the pictures featured in her...

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