Consolidating p24

Posted by / 30-Oct-2019 06:39

Consolidate source servers to generic physical machines, Oracle engineered systems (Exadata Database Machines or Exalogic Elastic Cloud systems), or Oracle Virtual Machine (VM) servers.You can also consolidate source servers to physical machines configured in the Oracle Cloud.This makes it possible to use the shared hardware infrastructure while getting the benefits of isolation that virtualization provides.

Enterprises also are increasingly investigating virtualization technologies such as Oracle Virtual Machine by moving from physical to virtual servers.Execution of scenarios—that is, the actual movement of data from sources to destinations—is not supported.When consolidating multiple sources to more than one destination, the resource requirements of sources are checked against the resource capacity of the destinations.Each scenario is generated based on inputs you provide.Alternatively, you can create your own custom scenarios that best suit your situation.

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You can also create a new scenario based on an existing scenario, where you tweak certain values to customize the new scenario.