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Cougar junction dating

Beyond the falls, the trail climbs out of the creek’s valley, passes the spooky mouth of an abandoned coal mine, then ends at the side of Lakemont Boulevard.

Hundreds of stars have come to perform at the Fair.

After a short climb up a ridge on a stairway, the trail reaches a junction with a spur to a subdivision; stay left.

The trail contours high above the creek for some distance, then dips down to a major junction near the creek; take the right branch and continue hiking up the valley to Coal Creek Parkway, which now features a nifty underpass for hikers, as well as a fish ladder for spawning salmon .

Along the way, you will see lush vegetation, creeks and waterfalls, and numerous relics of the extensive coal mining operations that occurred here nearly a century ago.

After passing over the summit of Cougar Mountain, the route descends the steep east flanks of the mountain to Issaquah, where bus connections are good.

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