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Danny rules for dating

Danny realizes he needs to stop the chanting and gets Tucker to sing on stage.His horrible singing causes the hypnotized crowd to wake up and stop cheering for Ember.

Heartbroken and finally out of the spell, he fights Ember, but she is still way too powerful for him due to the entire world chanting her name, enabling her to trap him in a swirling purple vortex.

AM PT -- According to cops, Danny was found with 2 vertical lacerations on his forearm.

We're told police are now treating it as a possible suicide.

Jack was obliviously releasing ghosts one at a time by pressing a button which opened the portal doors, telling his family that whenever they press it, the doors open "like this." Just as it is Ember's turn to exit the Ghost Zone, Johnny 13 and Kitty cut in front of her on his motorcycle with the aid of Johnny's Shadow.

Ember makes her second appearance as a main character in "Pirate Radio," in which she creates a song (which is actually a mellow, ballad version of "Remember") that hypnotizes adults so they will go on a fake cruise called M.

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