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Dating a man with a big ego

There’s a reason why we want the nicest car and the biggest home in the neighborhood. Even if you make it to the other side, achieve huge followers on social media, the best clothes, the best body, the nicest car, the hottest wife, the most expensive home in the most exclusive neighborhood, you will still be left with yourself.

You will still be left with an insatiable ego only temporarily pleased with each new possession.

When this desire comes at the cost of others, it’s called pride.If he says something endearing, and you’re feeling that way too, don’t be afraid to tell him. It’s also okay to date more than one person if you’re not sure who you want to settle down with. Telling a guy, “be a man” only infers that you don’t think he is one, which is practically like a slap to the nuts.But, it’s another thing to try to use jealously to get him to want you more. Who a guy is to his friends means a lot to him, which is why it s always a big deal when he brings you around them. To all of my strong ladies and gentlemen out there who are dating men, Let him open doors, order for you, take your jacket off, make decisions, be in charge… I thought universal acceptance was the cure for my self-hatred and my belief I was damaged and abnormal. There’s a reason people pay attention to social media counts.There’s a reason people spend big bucks on beauty and body supplements. The grass looks greener on the other side, and if we could get to that other side, we believe our problems would all be solved.

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How do you know if you’re operating as the egotistical boy or the confident man? He affirms, empowers and heals others, whereas the egotistical boy wants to keep people back in fear others will surpass him.

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