Dating a pot head

Posted by / 05-Mar-2020 16:49

Dating a pot head

You may have heard that you should never date a girl who travels, or a guy from a mountain town, but trust me when I say you should never date a stoner. I know it’s tempting, stoned sex is far superior to drunken sex (and dare I say “sober” sex? The problem is; the breed “stoner” is a broad, yet universally intense, category.Two of the most common stoners you will encounter will be “the activist” and “the bum”, both are charming in their own right yet both are more trouble than they are worth, even if it’s just for sex.

The furthest they will go today is the bathroom, but they will always be talking about planning trips to Southeast Asia or the beach, but a typical date is you showing up with a bag of Del Taco and sharing hits off the bong, infomercials serenading you both to sleep.

(My wife hates my driving and I happily ride shotgun. ) I’ve got so much excess energy that I need pot to center me and focus my attention. I’m fairly certain there must be lazy potheads out there, but I personally don’t know any of them. So I always laugh when I see goofy anti-pot propaganda. Pot’s been around since before alcohol and it’s never, ever going to become less popular than it is right now, is it?

I fly in the face of the notion of the lazy pothead and I’m fairly . And at least as far as self-medication goes, cannabis is a whole lot safer than alcohol, oxycontin and methamphetamines, don’t cha think?

I’m a complete workaholic with an almost cliched midwestern work ethic.

I’ve contributed a helluva lot of money in taxes, far more than most people ever have.

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To this day I smoke from the minute I wake up until right before I go to bed at night.