Dating and relationship experts

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Dating and relationship experts

By deeply engaging in what he or she's communicating to you, you're also building trust, rapport, and a deeper and closer connection between you both.In fact, if your desire is to boost and heighten your attraction levels, practicing a skill known as active listening is an important step in the process.However, what may surprise you is that a 2016 study published in found that being selfless, compassionate, and acting altruistically are not only important and appealing behaviors to those seeking a long-term relationship, but this giving and caring nature also helped to increase a person's overall physical attractiveness levels.In other words, acting in a benevolent way is so powerful in terms of attracting others that it can influence your appearance in a way that helps you to look more physically appealing.Specifically, when a person laughs, he or she's helping to improve his or her circulation, oxygen intake, and overall mood while simultaneously lowering the stress levels in his or her body as well as his or her perception of pain.With this in mind, it's no wonder that people are instantly drawn to those who like to laugh and can make them laugh.In other words, the bigger and more genuine your smile, the more likely that others will find you attractive. They say that laughter is the best medicine, but it's also one of the best ways to attract others and draw people toward you.Not only does laughter have innumerable advantages for both your physical and emotional health, but it's also advantageous for others to be around someone who's fun and full of laughter.

Research has shown that the very act of seeing a smiling face can help to stimulate the part of the brain associated with reward, so in essence, people can actually feel a strong sense of pleasure and satisfaction when they're around a person who's smiling.

In fact, not only does being kindhearted, caring, and genuinely concerned about the well-being of others immediately draw people toward you, but research has shown that men and women actively prefer to be around others who engage in altruistic behaviors and find them more appealing and desirable.

This may not be too surprising, as you probably know from your own experience that you'd rather spend time with someone who's thoughtful and generous as opposed to someone who's cruel and mean-spirited.

If your goal is to be attractive, alluring, and eye-catching to another person, it means that you should strive to listen with your ears as well as your eyes.

Further, an additional aspect of this type of engaged listening is found in your ability to rephrase what's been expressed to you when you're crafting your response.

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For example, is this person shouting, breathing heavily, whispering, or whimpering?

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