Dating antique box coffee mills

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The fourth side was left unnailed to allow a small drawer that catches the grounds to be removed and emptied.

The top of the grinder consists of a decorative multi-piece cast-iron cover which separates the grinding mechanism from the hand crank that powers it.

The items include a coffee grinder (the subject of the current post), a chopping knife or ulu, a coin purse, a rocking chair, a kerosene lamp, and two pendulum clocks—a schoolhouse regulator style clock, and and a tabletop style clock.

Black (1839–1901) and his wife Ruth Jane (Tucker) Black (1841–1915), built in Jewell County, Kansas.

My grandparents made a trip back to that area in the 1970s with their motorhome and came back with these and other items.

This is a special section where you can submit your photos of antique coffee grinders that need to be identified. I have a Charles Parker Coffee mill that is missing the drawer.

Once you send me your photos and descriptions, I will post them on this page so that other experts can take a look and identify your mysterious antique coffee grinder. It is in the original painted condition with a emblem type design on the red paint.

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However, housed in museums in both the United States and Europe are examples of the exquisite bronze coffee mortar and pestles from the seventeenth century that belonged to the affluent of the times.

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