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House admits to her that his parents are lovely people who loved him unconditionally, but his father’s honesty, specifically his tendency to “tell it like it is” (just like Cameron), was bad for an isolated adolescent who needed encouragement and support.In Hunting, Cameron decides to experiment with a patient’s Methamphetamine (aka crystal meth) and when Chase drops by her apartment he finds her high and insistent.She did admit that she was arrested at the age of 17 for an undisclosed reason. During her time there, she earned an A in Calculus, but when she realized her professor had made a grading error, she disclosed it and her grade was lowered.Shortly after she finished university, she married her first husband even though she knew he had been recently diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer.

However, she becomes suspicious when she realizes Foreman is a lot more qualified than she is.She proceeds with a risky brain biopsy which discovers the problem but nearly results in Foreman losing control of his muscles before he recovers.After House seemingly doesn’t solve a case after recovering from gunshot wounds, Cameron inadvertently discovers that House was actually right about the patient, who recovered fully.Cameron accepts that House doesn’t love her and stops pursuing him. Despite being tempted by both a job and a relationship with the handsome and famous Sebastian Charles, Cameron decides to stay with House.She gets more insight into House’s character when she meets his parents and they are nothing like what anyone thought they would be.

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