Dating circumcision

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They claim that these data are “contradicted by other studies, which show no relationship between HIV infection rates and circumcision status,” yet support that claim with only a single reference to a review article authored by the vice president of an organization opposed to circumcision.We would refer the reader to the task force’s technical report for a comprehensive review of the literature related to the potential benefits of circumcision.

Frisch et al charge that members of the AAP Task Force on Circumcision “consider the foreskin to be a part of the male body that has no meaningful function in sexuality.” They additionally claim, “Recent studies …Yet, the commentary’s authors have, at no point, recognized that their own cultural bias may exist in equal, if not greater, measure than any cultural bias that might exist among the members of the AAP Task Force on Circumcision.If cultural bias influences the review of available evidence, then a culture that is comfortable with both the circumcised penis and the uncircumcised penis would seem predisposed to a more dispassionate analysis of the scientific literature than a culture with a bias that is either strongly opposed to circumcision or strongly in favor of it.Four of the studies involved only men circumcised as adults Men circumcised as adults most frequently have the procedure performed for medical reasons, which introduces both physical and psychological factors that may affect their reporting of sexual difficulties.In 2 of the studies cited by Frisch et al, a significant number of men reported improved satisfaction after circumcision.

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Attributing these findings to decreased penile sensitivity is a stretch.

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