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Dating etiquette in spain

In general, Spanish women are expected to avoid drawing attention to their physical sexuality and tend to express themselves through their immaculate clothes and hair.

Unless you are visiting Spain as a tourist, it is best to avoid wearing shorts and dress conservatively in the cities.

Spanish people are very conscious of personal presentation and will perceive your appearance as an indication of your professional achievement and relative social standing.

Thus, it is important to dress in a manner that demonstrates professionalism, style and a serious approach to business.

For men, dark woollen or linen suits and silk ties with white cotton shirts are recommended.

As Spanish weather can be very hot, it is usually acceptable to wear lightweight suits, to loosen one’s tie and throw one’s jacket over one’s shoulder.

In Spain being late is usually not considered impolite and deadlines are often considered as objectives to be met where possible, but are not viewed as binding.

Spain, business people do not usually give gifts to each other.

Useful links: Ministry of Labour and Immigration Further information on: Spanish people do not share the same concept of time as other western European nations.

The development of important key laws in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility is increasing, especially since the establishment of the State Council on Corporate Social Responsibility in February 2008, which is responsible for fostering and promoting CSR policies, and planning new measures.

In March 2010, the Spanish cabinet approved the Sustainable Economy Law which contains various measures related to CSR focused on transparency, including the disclosure of the remuneration of managers and directors who are responsible for sustainability in the management structures of state-owned companies.

It is advisable to dress with elegance and use only top-quality materials in subdued colours.

Designer clothes are particularly recommended and elegant accessories are important for both men and women.

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The attitudes and values of a country have a significant impact on the way that business is conducted.

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