Dating facts from 1950

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Also, when talking in the presence of the North Korean leader, it is important that you use honorific forms only for addressing or referring to Kim – if you address or refer to anyone else, drop the honorifics!The Singer Featherweight portable sewing machine is a model made by that company between 19.Shaking hands is common between men – expect a long, lingering, limp handshake.

The following is a list of some of the most decade-defining fads and trends of the 1950s.Korean is the official language of both the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), which have a total combined population of around 73 million (50 million in the South and 23 million in the North).Korean is also spoken in large ethnic Korean communities in China, Japan, the USA and Central Asia Probably not a lot!The Oxford English Dictionary lists a handful of words that have come into English from Korean, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing more than one or two.Test yourself on the following: Korean also has a few words that are identical (or near at least similar) to English by pure chance.

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To Koreans, saying my country, my house, my mother and my husband/wife can sound too self-centred.

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