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Dating for handicap people

In the other episodes, the walls and cabinets are blue and the cabinets are filled with kitchen stuff.Another thing I should point out is Jerry has NO bedroom!In the first scene of this episode, Jerry comments George about the button on his shirt.

b: 14-Jun-90 pc: 102 w: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld d: Tom Cherones NOTE: If you exclude the pilot and the 100th episode special, this is the only episode that doesn't have the word "the" as the first word of its title. George says they are "relationship killers." Kramer has an idea for a rollout tie dispenser and warns Jerry about the market. Jerry's trip is a disaster, but the stock turns okay for George.

[Editor's Note: Yes, as I mention in the description of the final episode.] In this episode, the coffee shop Jerry and George go to is not Monk's. In the TV Guide entry for this episode, his character is credited as Hoffman.

I assume that this is the way it appeared in the script somewhere along the way.

In this episode all we see is a living room and a bathroom.

In the other shows, Jerry has a bedroom and that and the bathroom are connected by a hallway which was also not present in the first episode.

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Viewer Mike Greenhaus reminds me that this is the first episode that George uses the name Art Vandelay.

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