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She can do all the “rules” in the book, but if he feels like she’s desperately obsessing over the situation turning into a relationship, he will want to escape (unless of course he also seeking that…) To answer your question, go ahead and initiate contact. if he’s picking up neediness, from you then the damage was already done. And if he likes you and was just caught up and busy, he’ll be happy to hear from you.

He satyed the night and was happy in the morning and we made love again.Of all the sex with all the women out there they could be having – do you really think it’s just about sex for a man to make his choice?I would have to imagine you’d answer: “Definitely not.” OK then, if that’s the case then the sex is a non-issue.If a guy isn’t all that into you, but knows you’ll give it up on date #3, he’ll stick around long enough to get some booty then leave.His thought process is most likely, “Well, I wasted this much time with her…

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