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Dating kundo clock aneversery

Clocks of this style, first made by Anton Harder around 1880, are also known as 400-day or anniversary clocks, because many can run for an entire year on a single winding.

This does not mean they will keep accurate time the whole year. But some models will run up to 1000 days on a single winding.

Torsion clocks are usually delicate, ornamental, spring-wound mantel clocks.

The polished clock mechanism is exposed under a glass case or dome, to allow people to watch the torsion pendulum turn.

Compared to those I have seen on EBay this one is in excellent condition and cleaned up well. A 400 day anniversary clock is otherwise known as a torsion pendulum clock.

The torsion clock is a mechanical clock which keeps time with a mechanism called a torsion pendulum.

However they are difficult to set up and are usually not as accurate as clocks with ordinary pendulums.My wife and I were at a little antique shop just outside Truro, Nova Scotia on a typical Sunday drive.I found a lovely Black Forest time-only shelf clock that was reasonably priced and bought it because it had a simple plate movement I was looking for.He also attempted to make precision astronomical regulator clocks based on the torsion pendulum, but only four sold.The German Anton Harder apparently independently invented and patented the torsion clock in 1879-1880. de Gruyter of Amsterdam, who allowed the patent to expire in 1887.

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The torsion pendulum was invented by Robert Leslie in 1793.

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