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It’s important that women be sensitive to men’s fear of rejection, Will says.

“Some men feel a little intimidated or shy and may beat around the bush.” If a woman is interested, “it’s important that she help him feel as comfortable as possible.” Women may lighten the situation by encouraging small talk or by using gentle humor, being careful not to tease.

If a man seems unresponsive to a woman’s signs of interest, he may have other current interests, or maybe he just got out of a serious dating relationship, Jeff explains.

“You never know.” Whatever the reasons for lack of response, “don’t take rejection too personally,” Joseph says.

Wander past the refreshment table by yourself, for example.” Michael says it helps if a woman socializes after church and occasionally separates herself from her friends.

“We’re not supposed to be right for everyone.” Men and women should try to be open-minded, but once it’s clear that rejection is necessary, turning down dates is a matter of honesty.

“I would rather be rejected in a nice way than led on,” says one young man. “I think if a woman said she was busy a few times in a row, I would get the hint,” Russ says.

Not only can you specify your religious preferences on your profile, but you can also do so in Match’s Discover Section.

Match also tops our list because it’s the most affordable option — register, upload your info and photos, browse, receive matches, and flirt.

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The Honest communication can build trusting friendships.

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